All I want is...

a livable future for our kids. climate pollution to finally go down. a limit on oil and gas emissions.

We can bring down emissions.

This holiday season, tell your government that all you really want for our kids is meaningful climate action.

Right now, leaders are deciding how to limit Canada’s biggest source of climate pollution – oil and gas industry emissions.

Add your voice for a strong cap.

How This Works

Sending a postcard is easy, fast, and completely free! Just use our handy postcard builder to:

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  4. That’s it!

We’ll handle the printing and delivery through Canada Post.

If you’d rather print, customize, and send your postcard yourself, check out our printable designs below.

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Printable Postcards

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IMPORTANT NOTE: You must print on card stock (extra heavy paper) in order to send a postcard in the mail. 

Blank Postcards

Draw your own picture and write your own message to tell your MP to back the emissions cap!

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Our Designs

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Be sure to print double sided so that the front and back are printed on the same piece of card stock!

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